Mason Kidd

Jamie Bell as Mason
Name: Mason Kidd

Nickname: Mace

Activities: Playing the Guitar, Watching Movies/TV

Favorite Movies: Star Trek, Terminator, anything James Bond, Get Smart, Spice Like Us, Naked Gun, Back to the Future

Favorite TV Shows: The Listener, True Blood, Chuck, Heroes, Dexter

Favorite Books: Atonement, Dead Until Dark, Into the Wild, anything James Bond

About Him:

Born into a small family, Mason had one brother and two parents. He grew up on the Coronado naval base where life was always crazy. Mason's father was never around much and at the age of four he started to claim that he could hear what people were thinking. Slowly, his mom became more and more upset, but she felt as if there was nothing she could do until her husband to come home until one day she recived a letter that he had died in combat. Devastated, she fell into a deep depression where she struggled to take care of her children. Both Mason and Nathan suffered during this time as they left the naval base migrating across America to the Washington D.C. area where their mother's family was. A few days after this big move, she commited suicide leaving them with her sister. There Mason continued to complain about hearing the voices again. She took him to see a psychologist who told her he was just a boy who needed attention. Eventually, he was put on anti-depressants making everything worse with his abilities. He was unable to learn to control them for the longest time until a pyschology proffessor named Emerson took an interest in him. Only he figured out what was wrong with him and took him off the medicine. But by then it was too late. Mason dropped out of high school and was living on the streets trying to make a living on his own. A few years before the story, Salvation, takes place Nathan decides to give him a second chance by taking him in and giving him a job.

Nathan Kidd

Topher Grace as Nathan
Name: Nathan Kidd

Nickname: Double O 8 (008)

Activities: Watching Movies/TV, Soccer, Gambling

Favorite Movies: 21, anything James Bond, Oceans Eleven, Speed Racer, Spiderman 1-3, The Matrix

Favorite TV Shows: The War at Home, That 70's Show, Dark Angel, Chuck, Heroes, Two and a Half Men, Rules of Engagement

Favorite Muisc: Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Poison, The Police, Pink Floyd, Styx

About Him:

Born and mostly raised on a naval base in Coronado, California, Nathan always struggled to get some attention from his family. His father was never home due to the fact he was always traveling leaving him home with his mother and brother. His brother, Mason, started to act weird at the age of four claiming that he could read people's minds. This therefore, always attracted people's attentions away from him. Desperate in the need for attention, Nathan was constantly out on the prowl for a women all throughout his middle school and high school years. Near the end of his high school career, his mom completly lost it when she recieved word of their father's death. Now she paid no attention to Nathan. Made him move away from home all the way across the country to Washington D.C. where at first everybody hated him. Falling into a deep depression, he turned to drugs and drinking for the remainder of his high school career before finally pulling himself out of that ditch when he first went off to college. After four years of that, he was released into the world where he somehow ended up working for a secret agency that broguht him away from his family. But it was there where he finally started to recieve the attention he always needed in his life. So that was where he stayed. Eventually, after Mason lived on the streets for a few years, he took his brother in housing him and giving him a job at the secret agency.


Hank Azaria as Emerson
Name: Emerson

Nickname: The Professor

Favorite Movies: X-Men(all), Mystrey Men, Back to the Future, Titan A.E., Stargate, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings(all), Iron Man

Favorite TV Shows: The Big Bang Theory, Batman the Animated Series, X-Men, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, The Listener, Medium

Favorite Books: anything Star Wars, Lord of the Rings(all), DC Comic Books, X-Men Comic BooksThe Lucifer Effect, anything by Sigmund Freud

Favorite Video Games: Mortal Kombat, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pong, Halo, Mario

About Him:

For a long time, Emerson taught psychology at a famous school. He was well known for how brilliant he was in the area especially on all his reasearch on people with telepathic abilities. While working at the university he spent most of his time researching people who claimed to be able to read minds, force thoughts into people's heads and move objects with their mind. One day, he took an interest in a young man named Mason Kidd. Staking his life's work on one child, he took a leap of faith understanding that Mason was able to read minds. In the end, he gathered all of his research putting everything together into one book, which he published introducing to the psychology community only to be shunned by everybody to the point his work was put in the science fiction section. In his downfall, Emerson was fired from the university he taught at and decided to become an inventor like the Doc in Back to the Future. Yet he couldn't bare to leave Mason out to die somewhere with his abilities. So with a continued intersest, he decided to play the part of a fatherly figure in Mason's life.

Karen Jablonski

Summer Glau as Ren
Name: Karen

Nickname: Ren

Favorite Movies: Transformers, Terminator(all), Serenity

Favorite TV Shows: Firefly, Heroes

About Her:

A mysterious person that nobody is sure about. At a young age, she was locked up in an insane asylum where she is never allowed to leave due to unknown purposes. She is kept there becuase people claim it is unsafe for her to be in public. She is in possession of an amulet that has extraordinary abilities that nobody is aware of. When life takes an intersting turn and a strange enemy comes to a rise. Ren has to contact Mason Kidd because he is the only person who can protect her while she has to travel somewhere that is even unknown to her to use the amulet to save the world.

Ava Burton

Michelle Trachtenberg as Ava
Name: Ava Burton

Activities: Clubbing, Work, Singing

Favorite Movies: John Tucker Must Die, Mean Girls

Favorite TV Shows: Gossip Girl, True Blood

Favorite Books: Gossip Girl, Maximum Ride

About Her:

Always raised to impress, Ava has done everything she can in her power to attempt to impress the people she works with.  She goes out of her way to mold into the norm until she met Nathan Kidd, a handsome man perfect for her.  Almost instantly, Ava fell in love with him willing to do anything for him until a new guy comes into town and she slept with him.  Nathan found out.  They had a nasty break-up that was slightly violent on both sides of the equation.  In the end, Ava hates both Nathan and Mason after everything that has happened.